Lindsay lohan still dating samantha ronson

So what better time for an epic gab session to set the scene for a comeback?!

While certain keywords from Lohan's interview, such as "Harry Styles" and "Egor" [Tarabasov, her new 22-year-old Russian boyfriend], immediately stood out, we're still processing all of what the star had to share....

By just "a few steps."As I strolled away, I was struck by two things.

First- how painful it must be to have a lover [Ronson] who is so much older, and probably more emotionally mature, toy with your heart and mind.

First of all, it sounds as though England suits the New York native who was for the most part chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood machine—through no small fault of her own, that is.

Happily, several trips to rehab, jail and countless courtrooms later, Lohan is sounding healthy, happy and optimistic about what's to come in life.

“Lilo doesn’t care that Sam’s in a long-term relationship,” an insider told Radar.

“I have been DJ’ing for 14 years with a steady career all the way through ...

and it was perfectly fine to fly under the radar.”“I had panic attacks all the time.

Lohan's got it in spades, for fellow famous types such as the ones who are trying to avoid the pitfalls of young stardom (and not always being successful), as well as those who may actually deserve some criticism but who have become easy targets in her eyes."I was in London when I saw all the stories about Justin Bieber's troubles going on," she recalled to Bieber was actually compared to Lohan, for awhile the poster girl for child stars gone wrong, enough so that he dashed out an Instagram diss in March 2013 calling upon those comparing the two to look at Lindsay's tax return.

He quickly deleted and then apologized, admitting he was "wrong" to go there.

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decided they wanted to know what Samantha thought of the impending wedding and to be honest we did too.

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