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My guide told me that they started by rounding up all of the teachers. But the empowered Bigots in this country are really starting to show true colors now. I'm proud of those that turn your cheek and I'm proud of those that fight back.

They wanted to extinguish free thought, and the spark of questioning and dissent. Just remember that in the presence of your children, your choice will have a lasting effect.

It was just when we were about to leave for lunch that something strange happened.

We all started walking off, but then suddenly the two elephants began walking towards us.

We got out of the car, took out all our stuff, and closed the doors. The bell was a cow bell, so for all we knew we might have been signed up to the wrong kind of animal feeding.

Scott now cares for more than 1,000 Cambodian children and their families.

In the end, I suppose that’s what made it possible for me to come to Cambodia.

I got something like twelve grand, cash, for that car. There’s the expat Colin, who runs the coffee shop and guesthouse in Kampot, and there’s Veata, but I never know how much of what I tell her she really understands. But I’m no smitten soldier boy—I’m not going to take Veata home with me and send money back to her family every month.

You could clearly see they were intentionally trying to split us up.

Children, Food, and Head: Scott Neeson, former head of 20th Century Fox International left Hollywood to save children rotting in Cambodia's garbage dumps.

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