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I have developed a webform with an editable gridview. Each record contains from 1 to 3 signatures each with a date that the name was entered. (rowupdating event) can use validation controls in Grid View File/abhijmk/how-to-validate-gridview-fields-in-Asp-Net/ you can also control selection of datetime using j Query datepicker Community Support Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue. that is the before update event would be a good place to check for that.(Side note, a separate button is clicked which takes the entire datatable and stores it in a database table via a stored proc call) Help on this would be greatly appreciated... First question is: Do you need to edit in situ or can you hyperlink to an edit form to do the edit there.You then have all the logic you need and give the user a cancel button and a update button to commit the change if it follows the business rule.The edittemplate for the names includes a locked textbox and a dropdown.

I tried setting one or the other to null if only one value is present but really, it would be better to use some kind of validation to inform the user that more information is needed. Sql Data Source Command Event Args) Handles Redline Recs Edit.

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So before the INSERT button is clicked I need the following Drop Down List Item to be populated, otherwise it should ask the user to ‘select an item’ Below is the script for the GRIDVIEW If the user forgets to select a Chaplain from the above list, then the default value is stored ‘0’, I want this value to be stored in the database, so there want a VALIDATION so the user must select an option.

What I would like to to do is: When the gridview is opened for editing and on the click of the update button (required field validator and regular expression validator already in place in the datagrid template field), check that the user has put in a value less than or equal to the original quantity and greater than the value already stored in received quantity.

If the condition fails I want to pop up an alert telling the user why the row / cell wasn't updated and puts the focus back into the cell or cancels the editing event for the row... My rowupdating event is posted below and works fine, except for it allows any integer values greater than 0 to be updated into the datatable...

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