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A new wine version (1.7.8) was released yesterday (Friday 6th december), fixing the issue. Nevertheless, some games require patched wine versions. We are working on rebuilding each of those patched versions with wine 1.7.8, but it can take time.

We also need time to adapt Play On Linux/Play On Mac scripts to this wine version, because some game are not fully compatible.

Please refer to for a complete list of launch options.

If you have a shared drive with Windows, or already have a Steam installation somewhere else, you can simply symlink the Steam directory to urls in your browser connect with Steam in Wine, there are several things you can do.

One way to do it that works more globally is using mimeo, a tool made by Xyne (an Arch TU) which follows.

For another working and less invasive (but Firefox-only) way, see the first post here .

However, give the end user the choice to install using a different version in case the install is failing under the set Wine version.

I've downloaded and installed wine 1.5 with winetricks. This question here is instead very specific and should not be closed as a duplicate just because there is a general question about wine.

Yes the answers here are general and covered in your answer, but the question is not.

To use wine 1.7.8 for a game you've already installd (only for games that do not require patches) : Open Play On Linux/Play On Mac - Close the window. Note: Patched wine version have a name after the version : 1.7.1 = Unpatched version1.5.7-vertex_shader = Patched version In case of question, don't hesitate to post on the forum. If you want to help us, you can still help us to test steam games with recent wine version, and tell us if it works, so that we can update scripts.

Thank you Because Steam will certainly release updates in the future which may cause this kind of break to happen again, would it be possible to add a feature into Po L where the user can choose which Wine version to use when installing (similar to how it can be set after it has been installed)?

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