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The cost, however, is that now “no” really means “no” and next of kin will presumably agree to that as well. Tabbarok has a valid point, in theory, but only if required choice works on the front lines of bureaucracy the way that he says it does. Along the spectrum of opt-in-to-presumed-consent policies, the more moderate required choice is still a new option and could evolve.

A number of religions and religious sects have adherents who refuse to separate organs from the body based on religious conviction.

A severe shortage of organs greatly limits the ability to deliver the miracle of transplantation to people suffering from end-stage organ disease.

Contributing to this shortage is a high rate of refusal among families who are asked for permission to remove organs from a recently deceased relative.

Mandated choice offers an alternative to obtaining consent from the family by returning control to the individual.

This plan would require all adults to record their wishes about posthumous organ donation and would consider those wishes binding.

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