Validating xml with perl

However, validation usually isn't crucial when you use Perl and XML to perform a less specific task, such as tossing together XML documents on the fly based on some other, less sane data format, or when ripping apart and analyzing existing XML documents.Basically, if you feel that validation is a needless step for the job at hand, you're probably right.

DTDs and other validation schemes shine when working with specific XML-based markup languages (such as XHTML for web pages, Math ML for equations, or Cave ML for spelunking), which have strict rules about which elements and attributes go where (because having an automated way to draw attention to something fishy in the document structure becomes a feature).

To run Validator, enter the following Usage: perl [options] This program invokes the SAX Parser, and then prints any errors to STDERR using SAX API.

Hi , I am using the perl validator program given at CPAN for validation of xml (.xml) against XML schema(.xsd).

So it exits by throwing an error after compairing with all the available cases (complex Type, Documentation etc ...). Thank you for posting your code and data sample(s).

Hopefully one of the Experts here will have an answer for you or some guidance.

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