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Not to mention the fact that dating someone is actually quite complicated because a good part of the guys in their late 20s are already married!! Why is it that so many seem to prefer cheating than leave their ‘safety net’ (aka gf)?Why does it seem that foreign girls are their preferred choice when they look for xiaosan?“I would love to have a Western girlfriend”, he added.Illustration: Liu Rui/GT Editor's Note: Decades after China's opening up, intercultural relationships can still become an issue.

not including Kinmen and the Matsu Islands, consisted of Taiwanese aborigines, speaking Austronesian languages and sharing mitochondrial DNA contribution with island peoples of Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Today, you can meet them on Taiwan Friend Finder, where meeting a new Taiwan friend is merely a click away!

To get started with Taiwanese dating, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and go through the profiles of various Taiwan women and men.

Past expat female friends of mine recounted onlookers muttering “Russian prostitute” as they walk by.

Yes, many Chinese think Western women are sluts — you can largely thank those Hollywood movies/TV shows, which are ever-so-popular in China, for reinforcing this idea. So in China, that makes us an easy target for any guy with an easy extramarital affair on his mind — he sees your foreign face, and immediately assumes you’re already game for just about anything in bed, even if it means playing mistress.

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