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This policy has virtually eradicated the indigenous white population, and has continued for decades without comment or constraint. With nowhere for this community to expand, the chronic overcrowding, the disease and the poverty will become a national disaster.

Reasons advanced for the occurrence of the revolution and its populist, nationalist and, later, Shi'a Islamic character include a conservative backlash against the Westernizing and secularizing efforts of the Western-backed Shah, whose culture was affecting that of Iran.

For the series of reforms launched in 1963, see White Revolution.

and eventual replacement of 2500 years of Iranian monarchy with an Islamic Republic regime under the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution, supported by various leftist and Islamist organizations Between August and December 1978 strikes and demonstrations paralyzed the country.

I believe some dhows are male and some female, but I’m not sure which are which.

One authority suggests that those craft with a thick and short prow are female, and those with a long and fine prow are male.

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