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Enterprise applications have moved from the age of what refers to as “crapplications” to one where ideally we need no user interface (UI) at all (such as the use of sensors to automate tasks).

Chatbots take us close to that a vision where the best UI is no UI by eliminating a need for special apps and devices: just texting user intent or just speaking into your smartphone is now the way to get your work done!

The company will allow people to chat over its Messenger platform rather than downloading individual apps for each company that they use.

The real power of chatbots in the enterprise going out and getting so much stuff done for users by committing and retrieving data from the cloud.

By enhancing the user experience (UX) by combining user context with underlying learning and intelligence of chatbot technology, we move to a new world of work where what we hate doing can be automated and what we love doing can be augmented.

It is this context of use in the enterprise and the adoption of cloud computing that drives real opportunity for the broad chatbot landscape to disrupt (or improve) how we get things done in work and play.

Naturally, the natural language processing (NLP) engine and underlying artificial (AI) of your chatbot platform should be able to make sense of the above statement, but that’s another story!

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